US Army Corps

of Engineers

Daphne Williams
USACE Program Manager

Contract Service Areas

  • Sediment Profile Imaging (SPI), remote sensing, and drone (aquatic and aerial) data acquisition technologies to collectively characterize subsurface, nearshore, and coastal environments
  • High-level data evaluation using a combination of forensic chemistry, chemometric analysis, benthic habitat through SPI, bathymetric, remote sensing, and geostatistic methodologies to characterize, assess, and monitor sites of interest
  • Sample and analyze emerging contaminants such as PFAS
  • Data visualization using an assimilation of all available data to provide customized open-source or PC based visualization platforms
  • Use of open source web mapping and interfacing applications
  • Customization of cross platform products without limiting to proprietary enterprise solutions through products such as ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, CTech, or Rockworks outputs as stand-alone or integrated into an Interactive PDF, Unity, or Microsoft Movie platforms
  • Use of platforms supported by PostgreSQL/PostGIS or Access databases
  • Develop dynamic Conceptual Site Models for high resolution site characterization
  • Facilitation of meetings for multi-discipline teams to evaluate data and develop consensus decisions

US Army Corps of Engineers
Omaha District
SATOC: W9128F-17-D-0033
September 2017